6.3.4 Configure Test Scripts

  • Directory: Specify the home directory of your coding project.
  • Scripting libs: Provide the paths to the dependencies (files or folders). You can input more than one paths, separated by a comma.
  • Include: You can use ANT Style Pattern Matcher to define the patterns of files which will be scan for tests. Use comma as separators between the patterns. It is the required information so that the agent can scan your coding directory for tests and automatically create Test Cases in qTest.
  • Exclude: You can optionally define patterns to excludes files from the scanning.
  • Scan jar files: If you stick on this checkbox, the agent will also scan files in jar files.

button-round-warning-icon.pngHINT: ANT Style Pattern Matcher uses the following rules

  • ? matches one character.
  • * matches zero or more characters.
  • ** matches zero or more 'directories' in a path.

Field Value Description
Directory D:\qTestAutomation\TestingDemo\TestNG_Sample\TestNGHelloWord This is the home directory of my TestNG source code.
Scripting libs D:\qTestAutomation\TestingDemo\TestNG_Sample\TestNGHelloWord\libs Since I put all my jar libraries under this folder, I simply put its path to this field.