6.6 Automation Agents Executing Automation Tests

The Automation Agents polls qTest for new schedules frequently based on a configured interval. They will then run the corresponding tests on your Automation Host. After the execution is done, the test and test step results are post back to qTest. If there are any errors and the test execution cannot be completed, the schedules' status will change accordingly in qTest. You can view the agents' logs for the errors.

There are some important notes as below:

A. General Notes

1. Force Automation Agents to poll schedules immediately

Even when you create a schedules to be executed immediatly, you will need to wait until the next polling from your agent to qTest for new schedules. Alternately, you can force agents to poll qTest and kick off your test scripts immediately:

  • Click on Run all now button. All active agents will retrieve schedules from qTest and execute tests immediately.
  • On each active agent, click on its Run now icon. It will retrieve schedules from qTest and execute tests immediately.

2. Executing Test Steps

The Test Step description in qTest need to be matching with the method name in the associated test class or the scenario of the associated feature. Otherwise, it will not be executed.

After the execution is done, if there are any failed steps, you can find their error logs attached to the corresponding Test Log. The log files have the same names as the failed steps. If there are more than 3 failed steps, the log files are archived to a zip file.