6.2 Configuration Field Settings in project level

After Configurations have been created in site administration, they can be used in each project.

Under Test Run's Field Settings, there is a system field named Configuration. It is deactive by default. As a project admin, you can activate and modify its settings. Its values include active Configurations from site administration.

»Configuring Configuration's Field Settings

»Creating multiple Test Runs from Configurations

Configure Configuration's Field Settings

Its values include active Configurations from site administration. You can select which one of them are active in your project by checking/unchecking their Active checkboxes.

Each Configuration can be assigned one or more labels by clicking on its Labels icon. You can select existing lables or type in the new ones.

To assign labels to multiple Configurations:

  • Select multiple Configuration using the checkboxes at the first column.
  • Click on Assign Labels button.
  • Select existing labels or create new ones.
  • Click on OK button.

button-round-warning-icon.pngHINT: Please prefer to this article for how to manage the field settings.

Creating multiple Test Runs from Configurations

While creating new Test Runs, you have an option to create multiple ones from various Configurations.

  1. Choose option Select Configurations to add multiple Test Runs.
  2. You can select Configurations by selecting their labels.
  3. Or you can select individual Configurations.
  4. Click on + Add button.
  5. For each selected Configuration, one corresponding Test Run is created.