6.1 Managing Configurations in site administration

As a site admin, you can manipulate (create, edit or delete) Configurations. Then they can be reused in each project.

A Configuration Set is defined by various Variables. Its Configurations are the combinations of Variables' Allowed Values.

»Creating Variables

»Editing Variables

»Deleting Variables

»Creating Configuration Sets and Configurations

»Editing Configuration Sets

»Deleting Configuration Sets

»Manipulating Configurations

Creating Variables

  1. Under site administration, click on tab Configuration Field Settings.
  2. You can view the list of available variables in Variables table.
  3. Click on + Add Variable to define a new one.
    • Fill in the Variable Name.
    • Add Allowed Values to the list.
    • Click on OK button to add the new variable to Variables table.

Editing Variables

  1. For each item on Variables table, you can click on its Gear icon to edit the Variable.
  2. You can modify the Variable's name, allowed values' names, add allowed values, remove existing allowed values or re-order existing allowed values.

    button-round-warning-icon.pngHINT: If an allowed value is being used in any Configuration, it cannot be removed.

Deleting Variables

For each item on Variables table, you can click on its Delete icon to delete it.

button-round-warning-icon.pngHINT: If a Variable is being used in a Configuration Set, it cannot be deleted.

Creating Configuration Sets and Configurations

You can combine various Variables to create a Configuration Set.

  1. Click on + Add Set button to define a new Configuration Set.
    • Fill in the Set's name.
    • Click on + Add Variable and select one from the Variable list.
    • You can add multiple Variables. However, a Variable can be added only once.
    • For each added Variable, all of its Allowed Values are selected by default. You can de-select some of them.
    • Click on OK button to add the new Variable Set.
  2. When a Configuration Set is added, its Configurations are also created by the combinations of the selected Variables' Allowed Values. For example:
    • You define a Configuration Set with 2 Variables: Windows and CPU Type.
    • Windows' selected allowed values include: Windows 7 and Windows 8.
    • CPU Type's selected allowed values include: 32 bit and 64 bit.
    • Then 4 corresponding Configurations are created: Windows 7 + 32 bit, Windows 7 + 64 bit, Windows 8 + 32 bit and Windows 8 + 64 bit.

Editing Configuration Sets

For each item on Configuration Sets table, you can click on its Gear icon to modify it.

  1. You can change the set's name.
  2. For each selected variable, you can select more allowed values. The new Configurations will be created based on the new combinations of allowed values.
  3. For each selected variable, you can de-select some allowed values. The existing Configurations which were created from the de-selected allowed values will be deactivated but they will note be removed from Configurations table.
  4. You can rearrange the order of selected variables.
  5. In case you add new variables or removed selected variables, it will be saved as a new Configuration Set. The old one remains unchange.

Deleting Configuration Sets

For each item on Configuration Sets table, you can click on its Delete icon to delete it and all of its Configurations.

button-round-warning-icon.pngHINT: If any of its Configurations are being used in a Test Run, the set cannot be deleted..

Manipulating Configurations

  1. On Configurations table, you can click on a Configuration's name and modify it.
  2. For each item, you can check/uncheck its Active checkbox to activate/deactivate the item.
  3. For each item, you can click on the up and down arrow icons to arrange its order.
  4. Click Save to save the modifications.