Submitting Defects to VersionOne OnDemand

Submitting defects to VersionOne OnDemand

For Integration with external Defect Tracking Systems, the only way to submit defects is through qTest Test Execution.

You can submit defects to V1 from qTest during Test Execution or from Test Log.

  1. Click Bug icon Snap_2012-12-20_at_10.59.20.png linked to Test Steps or Submit Defect linked to a Test Run in Test Pad


  2. You can also click on the Bug icon Snap_2012-12-20_at_10.59.20.png in Execution History and Test Log Details sections to create defects.

  3. Click New button to create a new Defect
  4. Select one of configured V1 object types to submit Defect
    Button-Info-icon.png. Mapped Project will be attached before Defect Type and auto displayed in Project drop-down list, corresponding to the selected Defect Type.

  5. The Defect Submission form will be loaded.
    • If you have qTest Integration Browser Plugin installed, qTest will open the VersionOne Defect form. You are required to login before submitting defects.

    • If you DO NOT install the browser plugin, qTest will open qTest Defect Submission form with integrated fields from V1.

      Button-Info-icon.png Defect fields will be auto-filled as configured

  6. System will return Defect ID with Summary from Rally attached to the Bug icon.


    • An object in V1 has 2 different types of ID: the display ID and the OID. Those ID are displayed in qTest as below:

  7. From V1, you can see the link to qTest Test Run in Link section of the defect.


  • You can download the browser plugins for the supported browsers from qTest Resources page.