Setting up Connection for qTest Integration with Rally OnDemand

Setting up Connection qTest integration with Rally OnDemand

  1. Go to Integration Settings on your qTest instance
  2. Click on Add ConnectionAdd_Connection_button.png button in the Connection List
  3. Enter required information for the connection in the pop-up screen, including Connection Name, Rally Server URL, and Admin Rally Account Credentials

    Add Connection Form

  4. Alternatively, you can log in with your Rally API key
    • Access to [your Rally URL]/login/accounts/index.html#/keys to get the API key

    • Enter apikey in Username field, and the enter the API key to Password field

  5. Click on Test Connection button to check the server availability
  6. Click on Save & Configure button after successful connection test.
  7. You can start to configure integration with Rally for defects and requirements.
    • For new Connection, the Configure Connection Page will display after clicking on Save & Configure button.
    • For existing Connection, click Configure icon of that connection to open the Configure Connection Page.
  8. After configuring Defect and Requirement Integration, click on Save & Activate Save_and_Activate_button.png button.
  9. Click on Refresh button of Confirmation Pop-up. Your new configured connection will be activated.

    i.e. The Activation Status is On and your configured connection is checked as Active in Connection List.


    Confirmation Pop-up Message

  10. After your Rally Connection Integration is successfully activated, it will be notified with a green status label "in use" next to Rally (On-demand), and the Defect menu will be hidden. Thus, the only way to submit defect is through Test Execution.

  11. To edit your connection, click on Configure icon of that Connection in Connection List.
  12. You can delete your Rally connection in Connection List by clicking on Delete icon in Actions column.