5. Mobile Explorer User Guide

This section shows you how to use Mobile Explorer Agent after being integrated into the iFixit demo application.

Mobile Explorer Hotspot Home

This is the first screen when you open an iFixit application that has been integrated with Mobile Explorer Agent. Mobile Explorer is the small circle at the corner of demo application (see below screenshot). You can move it around the screen.


If the Home menu is inactive within 10 seconds, Mobile Explorer will be collapsed to Hotspot. And if the Hotspot is inactive within 10 seconds (you do not touch on it), it will be dimmed until you interact again.


Below is the testing process that you may need to go through. We will show you how to use the Mobile Explorer Agent as well as how useful it is for your testing on each step of the process.



Login and start a testing session

Step 1: Log into Mobile Explorer



Step 2: Select Login option

You need to login to qTest to have the captured data synced, you can either:

  1. Select Login with qTest account option if you want to use your qTest Account to login

  2. Select Login with SSO account option: if your qTest instance supports SSO login, qTest will generate an SSO token after you logged into qTest site successfully with your SSO account. You can obtain the SSO token from Resource tab of your qTest site and use it to log in to Mobile Explorer


Step 3: Select a working project


After successfully login, you need to choose one project from the list (these projects would be created from qTest) to indicate that the working session is for that selected project.


Step 4: Create new session or select a planned session

This is the final step before the session is started. You need to pick a planned session (the list of sessions is pulled down from qTest) or create a new one. After completing this step, the recording session is started, you can perform your testing activities.


Step 5 (Optional): Select Screen Capture Mode

While a session is running, the Mobile Explorer Agent will capture screens. Depend on the profile you selected, it would capture the screen whenever you have an interaction (Automatic Mode) or after an interval time (Interval Mode) or as user clicks Force Capture button (Manual Mode).

The available setting for Automatic Mode are as following:

  • Update screen on touch: the screenshot is updated as user touch the screen
  • Update screen on stop: the screenshot is updated as user clicks stop recording
  • Capture user actions: screens are captured as user interacts with application

Interval Mode has the setting for timer so that after the specify interval is reached, a screen would be captured.

There is no exclusive setting for Manual Mode.

Perform testing activities

After the session is started, you can perform the testing activities as planned.

During recording session, you can use functions which available on the Hotspot to:

  • Force Capture a screenshot
  • Annotate a screenshot

There is a timer to count recording time.


Force capture a screenshot

If you want to capture a screen without an interaction or don’t want to wait for an interval time, you can force Mobile Explorer to capture the screen by pressing the Force Capture icon.


Annotate a screenshot

During recording time, you can annotate a screenshot by clicking  icon. Then the app will bring you to the Mobile Explorer Editor.


Mobile Explorer Editor Main Screen


 Main screen contains:

  1. Show left panel
  2. Done editing, close editor and back to the Hotspot in demo app
  3. Show right panel
  4. Undo/Redo tester actions
  5. Draw toolbar to select draw shape type
  6. Record audio for current captured image display in main screen.


Mobile Explorer Editor Toolbar

With Mobile Explorer Editor Toolbar, you can annotate a screenshot with following actions:

  1. Draw an arrow, square or circle by clicking on icon:  

You can adjust line’s weight or color of that arrow/circle/square by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen. Or you can resize/move it by dragging around. When you drag it, there is a red recycle icon appearing in the corner of the screen for you to delete it.



  1. Blur sensitive information by click icon:

To adjust the blur opacity, you need to select the object you want to blur and then tap and hold anywhere on the screen.



  1. Annotate a screenshot by click icon  and then tap on the screen; you can select a category that the screenshot belongs to. It could be a Setup, Bug, Information or Question. You can also add a note for it.



  1. Insert Text by click icon:

After done typing, double tap outside to complete. You can adjust text’s size and color by tapping and holding on the text object.


  1. Untouched Mode by click icon  when you want to zoom the screenshot and don’t want any unwanted drawing because of your touching on the screenshot.
  2. You can Hide the toolbar by clicking any icon in the Toolbar


In some cases, the screenshot is not distinctive with the Editor icons/toolbar, so you may want to enable the grid view to make them different. In order to enable it, you need to tap and hold anywhere in the editing screenshot.



Mobile Explorer Editor left menu

Left menu displays a list of the screens name along with user actions that Mobile Explorer captured

  • The one highlighted in orange indicates that it’s the current focused screen
  • You can select an item action on this list to display the corresponding screen on the Editor.
  • You can do long press (tap and hold) in a screen header to edit that screen name.



Mobile Explorer Editor right menu

Right menu displays a list of the screenshot thumbnails that Mobile Explorer Agent captured. There are two ways to add more screenshots to this list:

  1. Add images by using the smartphone camera to take pictures
  2. Add images from photo library of smartphone

You can delete a screen or re-order screens by tapping and holding the thumbnails on the right menu.


After you’ve finished the annotation for screenshot, click on Done Editing icon to go back to Mobile Explorer home screen and continue with recording session.


Stop/Resume session

You can stop a recording session by pressing icon  on Mobile Explorer Hotspot.

If you Stop recording session, the app will bring you to the Editor.


After the session stops, you can resume it by click on the Resume icon


Complete session

When you’ve finished recording session, annotate your screenshot and stop the session, the icon  will be displayed for you to Complete the session.


After a session is completed, the Mobile Explorer Agent would not allow you to do anything further on that session. So if you have any more update for the screenshots, you need to go to Web Editor. (refer to below section for more details)


More Options and Logout

More Options such as Quick Start settings, Shake Motion settings, Information and Logout can be accessed by clicking the More icon


The Quick Start feature allows Mobile Explorer to automatically capture application when the application is started. You need to specify the qTest Project to submit Session to.


The Shake Motion settings allows you to hide/show the Mobile Explorer Hotspot as needed.


Extra Information such as User Account, Application Details, System Environment and Network can be reviewed with Information option.


The Logout icon allows you to logout and the application will clean all qTest account credentials. And next time, if you want to use the Mobile Explorer, you will need to enter your qTest account again.



Manage recorded session on qTest Sessions

The captured results are automatically synced to qTest Sessions, and from there, you can use its Session Editor to view all recorded sessions as well as making further editing, submit bugs, etc…

Click qTest Sessions User Guide to learn how to manage sessions on qTest Sessions.