7.2 qTest 3.4.0 Release Notes - Nov 2nd, 2014


Test Run Creation Enhancements:

  1. A new Test Run can be created from an existing one, saving time in setting up the Test Execution tree and allowing easier reuse of previous ones.

  1. Using Data Query when adding new Test Run:

You are able to switch from the current Tree View to a new Data Query View, which are utilizable to query for objects (Requirement, Test Case, Test Run or Defect) and create new Test Runs afterwards.

* Note: You cannot query for external Defects. However, they can be searched for by their ID, Summary or Status using search function in the Tree View.


Notification Settings:

  1. Notification Settings for Requirements, Test Cases and Test Runs:

Besides Defects, this feature is now available for the above artifacts, allowing you to more closely monitor the lifecycle of all objects in qTest.

You can subscribe to qTest objects and be notified upon creation, assignment, update, or comment on an object. The project admin can control who is notified of each action, what fields are included in the email, and the content of the overall email template.

  1. Ability to temporarily turn the notification trigger on and off:

The following actions may cause a stream of emails being sent out upon notification settings:

    • Batch Edit (Requirement, Test Case, Test Run and Defect)

    • Batch Approve (Test Case)

    • Import (Requirement, Test Case, and Automation Test Execution)

To prevent any confusion, the email notifications are disabled for those actions by default but they can be activated later if needed.


Full Integration with Rally and VersionOne:

  1. Requirement Integration:

If the feature is activated, objects from Rally or VersionOne can be imported as qTest Requirements. You are allowed to select as many projects and object types from your system to import to qTest. The imported objects are used for reference to create Test Cases and Test Runs afterwards.

  1. Defect Integration enhancement

You can submit bugs to your defect tracker while executing Test Runs in qTest. Links between the qTest Test Run and the bug tracked in your system are automatically created.

* Note: When a link is removed in qTest, it is not removed in your system. It is a limitation for now we are looking to address in a future release.

The enhancements are available for the OnDemand deployment of Rally and VersionOne. They will be ready for the Local deployment in the upcoming releases.


JIRA Integration enhancement:

JIRA sub-tasks are a useful way to split a parent issue to smaller. When configuring Requirement/Defect Integration in qTest, you can select Sub-task as an issue type.

If you are using JIRA Local deployment, please download our latest JIRA add-on from Atlassian Marketplace.


Bugzilla Integration enhancement:

You can submit a defect from qTest to Bugzilla via the native submission form of Bugzilla.


Other Enhancements:

  1. One new report is added: Defect Summary Report

  2. When a Release status is changed to “Close”, the Release itself and sub objects under it are no longer disabled. You can continue to access the associated items and edit them.

  3. A Release which is associated with other objects (Test Runs, Defects…) can be removed. qTest will remind you of the associated objects before deleting the Release.

  4. You are able to send a Defect to an external user via email.