4.5 Configuring Events

Configuring an event includes selecting the notified fields, the recipients and composing the notification email's content.

Notified Fields

qTest allows you to configure your notification rules based on the modifications made on the any fields of an object (Refer to Field Settings). This means whenever a field is changed, it will trigger the event to send out emails to selected recipient(s).

Variables for email template

When modifying the content of your notification emails, you can insert into the subject and the content Rich Text Box any variables you want. Each variable represents for a defect field and directly displays the latest value of that field into the notification email content.


  • When "Auto tracked variables" is selected and inserted into the content box of an event template, qTest will track and only send modified fields, instead of sending all notified fields that you have not modified, in the content of notification email.
  • The Auto tracked variables cannot be insert into Subject box of event template.


Event Template with Auto Tracked Variables