How to reduce size of your trace files?

Some qTest eXplorer customers have talked to us and asked how they could reduce the file size of qTest eXplorer’s output, i.e. the Word, PDF or JPG files submitted to defect trackers, saved to disk or emailed.  Although it is a trade off between quality of image and size of output files, many of our users would go with option that has smaller file size and acceptable image quality. Usually for these users, the restriction on the upload file size of a their defect trackers is the main reason to go with lower image quality and smaller file size.

This post provides some tips to reduce qTest eXplorer’s output as well as discusses how qTest eXplorer could be improved to more effectively handle the issue of large files. We will go ahead share these tips in short here.

Tip #1. Choose the lowest possible image quality when exporting

Tip #2. Exclude screenshots from output (in other words include only most relevant screenshots)

Tip #3. Crop your image to contain only the necessary information