7. Reports

The Reports module is where users can create, view, and export the out-of-the-box reports provided within qTest. qTest aims to provide data throughout the tool – in the form of dashboards related to releases, modules, test cycles, etc. However, qTest also has several out-of-the-box reports to assist in tracking essential testing activities such as test execution, defect creation, requirements coverage, and test case creation. These reports contain various filters to help pinpoint the most important information and drill down grids to show the records related to any of the metrics listed.

»Test Case Reports

»Test Execution Reports

»Requirement Reports

»Defect Reports

»Cross Projects Reports

In addition to the reports available via the Reports tab, you can export to Excel via the Requirements, Test Design and Test Execution tabs.

»Export Requirement Details report

»Export Requirements Traceability Matrix report

»Export Requirements and Test Execution report

»Export Test Case Details report

»Export Test Case Traceability Matrix report

»Export Test Execution reports