8.3.4 Customize View of Data Query

You can customize view of Query to to show more fields in the Query Result table

  1. Select any Queries in System, Team, or My Queries to customize view
  2. Click the Customize View button on the Query Result table to open the Edit Grid View pop-up
  3. Select available fields for that object query
  4. Move them to the right panel using Left & Right arrows
  5. Reorder fields to display in exported file using Up & Down arrows
  6. Click Reset to get back default fields selection for export
  7. Click OK button and select folder to save exported file



  • All system and custom fields will be available to be displayed on your query result table.
  • If you have not saved the Query, the Customize View button will be grey out
  • The fields you select for view customization will be saved for specific Query, not all Queries.