8.3.2 Create Custom Data Query

If qTest Reports and System Queries are inadequate for your project's reports, you can create your own Custom Query using available objects' query criteria. To create a Custom Data Query of an object, you need the View permission for that object

  1. Go to an object menu, such as Requirements, Test Design, you want to create a Data Query
  2. On the toolbar, click Data Query icon Data_Query_icon.png


  3. Select My Queries on the left tree and click Add New Clause on the right screen to define your Query.
    • Select object field in the Criteria combo-box list
    • Select Operator to define value for selected Criteria.
    • Select Value for you criteria. The Value column will display different lists of values corresponding to the field you select in Criteria column.
    • Add as many clauses as you want by clicking Add New Clause button
    • Each clause must be linked to each other by values selected in the Group column, including "or, and, ), (".
    • Delete a clause by clicking Delete icon on each clause.
    • Remove all clauses by clicking Clear button.
  4. Click Run Query button --> qTest return the Query Result in a below table
  5. Input Query Name and Save Query to store it in My Queries.
    You can check Team Queries to share it for other project's users to view.
  6. Click Close to exit Data Query and go back to object's main screen.



    • The list of Query Criteria including both System and Custom Fields will be various depending on the object types.
    • There are some special criteria differently defined for each object to support complex Queries.
    • You must save your Query before customizing view. Otherwise, the Customize View button will be grey out.