8.4 Batch Edit

Batch Edit allows users to update or delete multiple items of the same object type at the same time. You can select to update text and fields' values.

A. Update multiple items

  1. In the Session table, select some items for editing and click Batch Edit button

  2. The Batch Edit window pops up. Select fields you want to edit. You can:

    • Find and Replace text in checked fields of queried items. Only found text in the checked field will be replaced by the new text.

    • Edit text in checked fields of queries items. The entire field will be replaced by the new edited text.

    • Update fields to another pre-defined value. This is available for any field types other than Text

    • Batch Edit would be available for these fields: Title, Description, Overall Summary and Assigned User.

  3. Click Confirm button to commit any change.


B. Delete multiple items

  1. Select all items in the Session table you want to remove from the project

  2. Click Delete Selected Item(s) button

  3. Click Yes to commit the delete process