5.2.3 Managing Test Runs in Test Suite

This feature allows you to quickly arrange and manage Test Runs of a Test Suite in a Test Run Grid after adding Test Runs into Test Suite. To manage Test Suite, you need Edit Test Suites permission. In the Test Runs Grid, you can:

  1. Add Test Runs into Test Suite using the Add Test Runs button on the Test Runs Grid. (Refer to Creating Test Runs)
  2. Delete Test Runs from Test Suite using Delete icon in Test Runs Grid. 
  3. Reorder Test Runs in Test Run grid using Drag and Drop or Move Up and Down arrow to arrange Test Runs for execution.
    Button-Info-icon.pngThe order you change in Test Run Grid does not change the Test Runs order in the Execution tree.
  4. Filter Test Runs by Test Runs Name, Test Case version, Assignee, Environment, Planned Date, Executed Date, and Test Run Status
  5. Check to select Test Runs in the Test Runs Grid for actions.
  6. Run selected Test Runs in the Test Runs Grids (Refer to Executing Test Run)
    Button-Info-icon.pngWhen clicking Run button, you have 2 options to select either qTest TestPad or qTest eXplorer TestPad to execute Test Runs.
  7. Quick Run selected Test Runs in the Test Runs Grids (Refer to Quick Run Test Run)
  8. Click Bug icon of a Test Run in the Grid to view all Defects submitted for that Test Run.
    Button-Info-icon.pngThe pop-up box shows all Defects submitted in all Test Logs of that Test Run.
  9. Copy Test Runs selected or filtered in the Test Runs Grid to another Test Suite within the same project
  10. Export Automation Test Runs on Grid (if you have Automation Test Runs)


  • qTest will load the Test Run order you arrange in the Test Runs Grid, not in the Execution tree, into Test Pad to execute.