6.1 Submiting Defect in Test Execution

qTest allows users to submit Defects during Test Execution or in Test Execution Log.

A. Submit Defects during Test Execution

  1. You can submit Defects to individual Test Steps or an entire Test Log in Execution TestPad. Refer to Executing Test Run.
  2. Alternatively, you can submit Defects to individual Test Logs in the Quick Run Test Run.
  3. A New Defect Submission Form pops up to fill out Defect's information
  4. After click Save or Save & Close button to submit Defect to qTest's Defect Tracking System. A Defect ID is generated attaching to Test Steps or Test Logs.

B. Submit Defects in Test Execution Log

You can submit or link Defects to individual Test Steps or Test Log after executing Test Runs.

  1. Select Bug icon in a Test Log in Execution History section to submit/link Defects to an entire Test Log
  2. Alternatively, select Bug icon in a Test Log Details to submit/link Defects to individual Test Steps of an executed Test Log
  3. Click either Bug icon will open a pop-up to submit/link Defects
  4. Click New to submit a Defect linked to the Test Log.
  5. Enter an existing Defect ID or Search Defect to link to the Test Log.
  6. Click Delete icon to remove a linked Defect out of the Test Log.



  • Defect's Description will only auto-fill with Test Steps Description when you submit Defects linked to individual Test Steps
  • For Defects linked to an entire Test Log, you need to manually enter Defect Description.
  • By submitting Defects during Test Execution, Test Run IDs will be automatically added into Linked Test Runs section of the Defects