6.2 Submiting Ad-hoc Defect

You can create a defect that is not linked to any Test Runs. It is considered as an ad-hoc defect that is randomly detected during the testing process. To create a Defect, you need the Create Defects permission.

  1. Go to Defects menu.
    Button-Info-icon.pngIf you don't have permission on qTest or the Project integrates with an external Defect Tracking System, the qTest Defects menu will be hidden, and you cannot submit Ad-hoc Defects.
  2. Click the New Defect button to open a New Defect Submission Form
  3. Fill out all required and necessary fields in Details section
  4. Enter Description and add Attachments for Defect.
  5. Click Save or Save & Close button to submit Defect to qTest's Defect Tracking System



  • The Comment textbox will display in Defect Form after saving the new Defect.
  • The linked Test Runs section is "read-only". If you submit a new Defect, there is no Test Runs shown in the Linked Test Runs section. If you manually link the Defect to a Test Run, it will be automatically updated in the linked Test Runs section.