5.3.2 Editing Test Run

To edit Test Runs, you need the Edit Test Runs permission.
Most of Test Runs Properties are inherited from Test Suite Properties. But you can modify Test Runs to meet your goal.

Test Runs become read-only if:

  1. You are not granted with Edit Test Runs permission.
  2. The Test Run is created from a shared Test Case and the Test Case has been deleted or unshared.

Button-Info-icon.pngTo edit Test Steps and Attachment of a Test Run, refer to "Execute a Test Run".

  1. Select a Test Run on Execution tree to edit.
  2. Edit any fields in Test Run Properties except Test Run Status.
  3. Test Case versions will be automatically updated from Test Design. You can select any Approved Test Case version available to execute.
  4. Click the Save button to finish editing.





  • Environment of executed Test Runs CANNOT be edited. To execute the same Test Case with different environment, you have to add a new Test Run.
  • Planned Start/End Date must be selected within Test Suite/Test Cycle/and Release date range.
  • Test Steps and Attachments of Test Run can be edited ONLY in Test Pad.