5.3.7 Customize Execution History View

A Test Run can be executed many times. Each execution will be recorded as one Test Run instance and logged in the Execution History. All Active Test Run's fields (System and Custom fields) can be customized to view in the Execution History. You can view and customize Execution History of individual Test Run:

  1. Select a Test Run in the Execution tree.
  2. You can view all executed Test Logs in the Execution History Grid.
  3. Click the Customize View button on the Execution History table.


  4. In the Edit Grid View Pop-up, Move Right or Left the available fields of Test Run to display or hide them in Execution History, respectively.
  5. Move Up or Down to order their displays in Execution History.
  6. Click the Reset button to turn back to the Default View.
  7. Click the OK button to accept View Customization.



    • The View Customization will be applied to all Test Runs' Execution History within a project.
    • Only Active Test Run's fields are available for View Customization.