5.2.2 Editing Test Suite

To edit Test Suite, you need the Edit Test Suites permission

  1. Select a Test Suite on the Test Execution tree to edit
  2. Edit Test Suite's Name, Description, Planned Start/End Date, Execution Type, Target Release/Build or custom fields
  3. Click Save to finish editing Test Suite


  • If you edit Target Release/Build of a Test Suite, Target Release/Build of all Test Runs under the Test Suite will be changed accordingly.
  • Test Suites under the Root will be automatically moved to the corresponding Releases as you change their Target Release/Builds
  • If you edit Planned Start/End Date, Environment, Assigned To, Execution Type, only Test Runs added after editing will inherit these latest updated field's values. Test Runs added before editing will retain their own fields' values.
  • Test Suites under Closed Releases are not editable


Screen: Uneditable Closed Test Suite