5.1.1 Creating a new Test Cycle

To create a Test Cycle, you need the Create Test Cycles permission.

  1. Select Root, a Release, or a Test Cycle on Test Execution tree and use either of following options:
    • Select New Test Cycle icon on the top toolbar
    • Right-click to select New > New Test Cycle on the Modified Context Menu
    • Use Keyboard shortcut Shift + D
  2. Rename the Test Cycle on top of the Test Cycle details screen.
  3. In the Properties section, enter Test Cycle's Description and select Target Release/Build

    Button-Info-icon.pngBy default, Target Release is the Release covering Test Cycle

  4. Click Save to finish creating a new Test Cycle.


Screen: Create New Test Cycle


  • Test Cycle can be created under Root tree, Releases, or Test Cycles
  • You can create multi-level Test Cycles.