4.6 Approving Test Case

Test Cases must be approved before execution. Approval status indicates that Test Cases are ready for execution. You can approve single or multiple Test Cases.
To approve Test Cases, you need the Approve Test Cases permission

A. To approve a single Test Case:

  1. Click the Approve button at the top-right of the Test Case screen.
  2. The Confirmation pop-up displays. Select Yes to approve the selected Test Case.


B. To approve a multiple Test Cases:

  1. Go to Data Query in Test Design, query Test Cases need to be approved.
  2. Select Test Cases in the Query Result table.
  3. Click the Batch Approve button to approve all selected Test Cases.



  • Each Test Case can have many Approved versions
  • Aprroved Test Cases versions are integers, eg. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
  • If you don't approve Test Cases in Test Design, our system will ask you to approve them right before you execute them.