2.3 Moving/Copying Module

To copy/move Modules, you need the Create/Edit Modules permissions. You can quickly copy or move Modules within a project using Context Menu or Drag & Drop function.

A. Copy/Move Modules using Context Menu

  1. On the Modules tree, right click a Module and select Copy/Cut to duplicate/move a Module
  2. Select a destination (eg. Root or a Module), right-click and select Paste. The selected Modules will be copied/moved to the destination.


B. Copy/Move Modules using Drag & Drop function

  1. On the Module tree, click to select one or multiple Modules to copy/move
  2. Hold Ctrl + Drag the selected Module(s), then drop to the destination (eg. Root or a Module) to copy Module(s)
  3. Drag the selected Modules and drop to the destination to move selected Module(s)



  • All sub-modules or objects under copied/moved Modules will also be copied/moved
  • You can reorder Modules structure by Drag & Drop function to move Modules to any position beyond Root and Modules
  • If you copy or move a parent Module with its sub-modules to the Root, all belonging sub-modules will be copied or moved with the same level as the parent Module.