4.3 Editing Test Case

To edit a Test Case, you need the Edit Test Cases permission.To edit an existing Test Case:

  1. Select an existing Test Case in the Test Design tree.
  2. Select to edit any fields in Properties, Test Steps, Resources, and Attachments of Test Case.
  3. Click the Save button to finish editing Test Case.
    Button-Info-icon.pngYou must always Save after finish editing, otherwise your changes will be lost.
  4. Click Reload to get the latest information of selected Test Case


  • Test Case's Version will automatically increase by 0.1 upon any changes in Properties or Test Case's Name
  • Approved version of edited Test Cases will be automatically updated in their Calling Test Cases.
  • The latest edited Test Case's version will be updated in Test Execution if it's added Test Run
  • You can only edit current Test Case's versions, not previous versions.