3.8 Exporting Requirements Traceability Matrix

After you define the association between Requirements and Test Cases, you can export Requirements Traceability Matrix to view Requirements coverage with Test Cases

  1. On the Requirements tree, select Root or Requirements Modules to export
  2. Click on Export Requirement Reports icon Export_Req.png and select Requirements Traceability Matrix report 
  3. Select a folder and Save the exported Traceability Matrix as an Excel file

Screen: Export Requirements Traceability Matrix


  • The selected modules must have the same level on the Requirement tree, eg. same lefel of parent modules or child modules in the same module, etc. The Export Requirement function will be disabled if you select modules from different levels, eg. a parent module and some child modules of another parent module
  • You can only select individual requirements of ONE module to export
  • Select Root to export all available requirements in the project