2.1 Creating a New Module

Modules are folders to contain Requirements or Test Cases. You can define Modules as groups of the same functional catergory of your product. The Modules Structure is automatically synchronized between Requirements and Test Cases.

To create new Modules, you need the Create Modules permission.

  1. Go to either Requirements or Test Design menu
  2. Select Root page or any folder to contain a new Module
  3. You can create a new Module using either of following options:
    • Select Create Module icon on the top toolbar
    • Right-click to select New >> New Module on the Modified Context Menu
    • Press Keyboard shortcut Shift + D
    • Rename the Module and enter Module's Description
    • Module main page shows Statistics of objects under the selected Module including Requirements or Test Cases, Sub-modules and their basic information.


Screen: Create New Module


  • You can create up to 99 levels of Sub-modules
  • No custom field is supported for Modules