1.1.1 Creating a new Release

To create a Release, you need the Create Release permission.

  1. Create a new Release, using either of following options:
    • Select New Release button on the top toolbar
    • Right-click to select New > New Release on the Modified Context Menu
    • Use Keyboard shortcuts Shift+D
  2. Rename the Release on top of the Release details screen.
  3. In the Properties section, enter the details for the new Release, including Start/End Date, Description, Release Note, and any custom fields
  4. In the Resource section, define Release Scope from pre-defined Requirement and add Attachments
  5. Click Save to finish creating a new Release.



  • Releases structure defined in Test Plan will be synced into Test Execution
  • Release's timeline must be set within the project timeline
  • One Requirement cannot be defined as scope of multiple Releases. If you select the same Requirement for another Release, that Requirement's link will be moved from old Release to the new Release.