3 Requirements

qTest offers a simple and flexible interface for managing a project’s requirements, allowing users to automatically sync the project requirements structure with the test case structure.

The requirements module is the area of qTest where users can create, view, and edit requirements within the requirements repository. qTest can support requirements created both internally as well as externally through integrations to supported third-party applications such as JIRA. qTest allows many of the features of stand-alone requirements management tools such as approval, import from .xls, prioritization, etc. without the cumbersome and inflexible workflows that many of those tools enforce. Managing requirements in qTest will allow users the traceability of seeing the linkage of a defect > test run > test case > requirement > test plan using our best-in-class Requirements Traceability and Test Execution Results report.

»Managing Modules

»Creating a new Requirement

»Editing Requirement

»Moving/Copying Requirement

»Deleting Requirement

»Create associated Test Case

»Importing Requirements

»Exporting Requirements

»Exporting Requirements Traceability Matrix

»Export Requirements and Test Execution Report