Submitting Defects to Local Jira

Submitting defects to Local JIRA

For Integration with external Defect Tracking Systems, such as Jira, the only way to submit defects is through qTest Test Execution.

You can submit defects to JIRA from qTest during Test Execution or from Test Log. Refer to Executing Test Run. 

  1. Click Bug icon Snap_2012-12-20_at_10.59.20.pnglinked to Test Steps or Submit Defect linked to a Test Run in Test Pad


  2. Click New button to create a new Defect
  3. Select one of mapped Jira issue types to submit Defect to
    Button-Info-icon.pngMapped Project will be attached before Defect Type and auto displayed in Project drop-downlist, corresponding to the selected Defect Type.

  4. If type Subtask is selected, you are required to fill in the JIRA parent ID so qTest knows which issue is the parent of the sub task being logged. For the other issue types, parent ID should be left blank.

  5. qTest will automatically login to your configured Jira instance and open the Jira Create Issue form
    • If you have Jira Browser Plugin installed, the Jira Create Issue form will be automatically closed after finishing Issue Creation.
    • If you DO NOT install Jira Browser Plugin, you have to manually close the Jira Create Issue form to update the Defect ID on linked Test Log or Test Step. Otherwise, the form is spinning and does not update Defect ID.
  6. System will return Defect ID with Summary and latest Defect Status from Jira attached to the Bug icon.