3.2 Editing Field Settings

qTest allows users to customize Field Settings of individual objects to meet project's requirements. To customize Field Settings, you need the Manage Project Settings permission.

  1. Go to Project Settings and select Field Settings
  2. Select an object from the left Artifacts menu
  3. In the corresponding Fields list, select any field by clicking its Display Name hyperlink. You can select either System or Custom Field to edit.
  4. Click Add Custom Field button to create more fields for selected objects. Refer to Creating Custom Fields.
  5. Check/uncheck Active box of fields to show/hide them on object's Properties
  6. Re-arrange fields' display on object's Properties using Drag & Drop fields or Move Up & Down arrows
  7. Click Delete icon in Configure column to remove Custom Fields from selected object's Properties.
    Button-Info-icon.pngSystem Fields CANNOT be deleted.
  8. Click Preview button to preview the Field Settings
  9. Click Reload button to update the latest Field Settings
  10. Click Save button to submit the Field Settings



  • Depending on Field Types and Value Formats, you can edit them differently. Refer to Editing System Field Types or Editing Custom Field Types
  • You can only Delete Custom Fields, not System Fields.
  • You cannot change a Custom Field's Type once it is created.