5. ID Prefix Settings

qTest supports objects management by IDs. When a new object is created or copied, qTest will automatically generate a unique ID attached to the object name. The ID generation will facilitate users in duplicating objects with the same name.

An object ID is a combination of a customizable ID Prefix and an auto-generated ID number in a chronological order of objects creation. Although qTest sets default objects' ID Prefixes, you can customize them to fit their demand. The ID Prefix Settings can be different from projects.

To customize ID Prefixes, you need the Manage Project Settings permission.

  1. Go to Project Settings and select ID Prefix Settings


  2. A table displays default ID Prefixes for objects in qTest.
  3. In the Settings table, replace the default Prefix by your own Prefix for specific object.
  4. Click Save Save_button.pngbutton to submit your settings.