3.4.1 Creating a Custom Field

You can create more Custom Fields with 9 available field types. To create Custom Fields, you need the Manage Project Settings permission. Custom Fields must be separately defined for each project.

  1. Go to Field Settings of a qTest Project
  2. In the Artifacts list, select an Object that you want to create Custom Fields for
  3. Click Add Custom Field Add_Custom_Fields.png button
  4. In the Add Custom Field pop-up, enter Display Name, select Field Type, and click OK to add the Custom Field.


  5. In a pop-up Edit Custom Field screen, enter Values, check Search Properties, and set Required for Custom Field
  6. Click OK to finish adding Custom Field to the selected object



    • Different Custom Field types will have different Value types to define
    • Remember to click Save button to submit new Custom Fields to the Field Settings