3.3.1 Editing System Field Types

Different System Field types have different values to edit, including:.

  • All Display Names of System Fields are editable. It allows maximum 100 characters
  • All System Fields contain Search Properties, including Searchable check-box, Search key box, and Free-text searching checkbox. Refer to Search Properties.
  • Not all System Fields' values can be editable.

1. Editing a System Field as Text type

For all System Fields in Text format, such as Rich Text Editor, Text area, or Text box, you can also edit Display Name and define Default Value in text box.


2. Editing a System Field as Combo box

For all System Fields as Combo box, you can add, edit, and delete values besides Display Name.

  • In the Edit System Field box, click Add Value button
  • Edit Display Name for Combo-box field with maximum 100 characters
  • Select the Default Value displayed in Combo box list of that field.
  • Check/uncheck the Active box to show/hide that value in the Combo box list
  • Click Move Up/Down to reorder values in the Combo box list
  • Click Delete icon to remove a value from the Combo box list
  • Click OK button to finish editing System Field



  • You can customize all Status fields of Requirements, Test Cases, Test Runs, and Defects.
  • Especially, you can map Colors to Statuses of Test Runs and Defects in their Field Settings


  • There are some combo-box System Fields that will automatically populate values and you can ONLY set their Default Values, including: Affected Release/Build, Fixed Release/Build, Module, and Target Release/Build in Defects.
  • For Target Release/Build in Test Suite, you can only change Display Name.

3. Editing a System Field as User-list, Auto-filled, and Date Picker

For System Fields as User-list, Auto-filled, and Date-Picker, you can ONLY edit field's Display Name.


Button-Info-icon.pngEspecially, the field "Target Date" of Defect, you can set Current Date or a Default Value for Target Date.


4.Editing Inherited System Fields

There are some System Fields that Test Run automatically inherits from Test Suite. You can ONLY edit them in Test Suite's Field Settings and they will be automatically updated in corresponding fields of Test Run.


"Environment" is a special System Field that will be automatically updated in Test Runs and Defects as an Inherited Field when you add/edit its values in Test Suite.