4.2 Creating Custom Events

Currently, you can create custom notification events for 4 artifacts in qTest, including: Requirement, Test Case, Test Run, Defect.

    1. Go to qTest Project Settings > Notification Settings


    2. Select an artifact - Requirement, Test Case, Test Run, or Defect you want to create a custom event for
    3. Click Add Event button to open a New Event screen with 2 tabs: Event and Template

    4. On the Event tab, you can set Notified fields and Notification Recipients
      • Notified fields include system and custom fields whose changes will trigger notification. Different objects contain different notified fields.
      • Recipients can be set for Assignee, object's creator, Subscribers or based on project user profiles.
      • Check On Creation checkbox to trigger the event when object is created

    5. On the Template tab, you can create content of notification email:
      • Enter your own content in Subject field and Content textbox
      • Select Variables to insert into Subject field and Content textbox with your own content
      • You can also format the content to display in the notification email

    6. Click OK button to finish event creation


      • A stream of notification emails may be sent out upon your notification settings when you batch update or create objects:
        • Batch Edit Requirements, Test Cases, Test Runs, and Defects
        • Batch approve Test Cases
        • Import Requirements, Test Cases, Automation Test Runs, and Defects
      • You can check/uncheck option Send out notification emails in Batch Edit object screen to send out notification or not.