3.1 Accessing Field Settings page

Accessing Field Settings page

To access Field Settings, first make sure you are inside the project you want to configure, then select Field Settings from the Project Settings drop-down menu. 


     Access to Field Settings 

The Field Settings page displays with qTest Editable Artifacts. Each artifact has a number of system fields and can add up to 20 custom fields. 


Field Settings Screen

Some key qTest concepts in the Field Settings page include:

  • There are 6 qTest artifacts which allows users to create custom fields: Release, Build, Requirement, Test Case, Test Suite, Test Run and Defect
  • Display Order: is the order of the fields when displaying in artifact's Properties section. Display priority will follow from left to right, then from top to bottom.
  • Display Name: the name of system fields and custom fields displayed in artifact properties. You can change Display Name of any fields.
  • Type: data type for field. Refer to System Fields and Custom Fields sections for what types of fields supported in qTest.
  • Active: you can check/uncheck the Active check box corresponding to fields to display/hide them in artifact's properties. Some system fields that are bound to qTest's business rule will be grey out in Active column.  
  • Settings: allow you to reorder all fields in artifact's properties by using Move Up and Down icon. You can delete custom fields using Delete icon. System fields are undeletable.