3.5 Searching Properties in Field Settings

qTest allows you to define Searching Properties for both System and Custom Fields. Once a field is set as Searchable, you can search qTest's Objects using Search key you define or Free-text Seaching. Refer to Searching to use correct syntax for searching objects.

Search Properties of a field include:

  1. Searchable check-box: to set a field as Searchable or Unsearchable.
    • All System Fields have Searchable checked or unchecked by default. You cannot edit them.
    • All System and Custom Fields as Date-Picker, Auto-filled, and User-list types are Unsearchable. This option will be grey out in those fields.
    • There are some other System Fields that are Unsearchable, including Target Release/Build, Environment, Test Data Source of Test Suite, and Affected Release/Build, Fixed Release/Build, Module, Target Release/Build of Defect.
    • Search key text-box and Free-text Searching will be enabled when Searchable is checked.
  2. Search key box: to define your key word being used in Search Syntax for specific fields.
    • You can define or edit Search key of System and Custom Fields
    • A Search key must have maximum 5 alphabetical characters only without space.
    • Search key is case insensitive and must be unique within an Object
    • Search key CANNOT be "obj".
    • Refer to Searching for table of Default Search Keys of qTest System Fields.
  3. Free-text Searching check-box: to set a field's search alternative using free-text.
    • Free-text Searching is available for all Searchable fields