Configuring Defect Integration with Jira OnDemand

Configuring Defect Integration with Jira OnDemand

After you successfully set up the connection with your JIRA OnDemand instance, you can set up integration to map qTest's defects to JIRA issue types.


  • You can set Integration with multiple Jira projects.
  • You can select multiple Jira issue types to map as qTest Defects.
  • qTest requires you to have at least one JIRA issue mapped to qTest defects.
  • Mapped Jira issues will be treated as Defects in qTest

To configure Defects Integration with Jira

  1. Go to Configure Connection screen after successful Connection Set-up
  2. In the Defect Integration, click Add Defect Type


  3. Select Jira Project and Jira issue type from the drop-down lists to map to qTest Defect


  4. Mapped Jira issues will be treated as Defects in qTest
  5. In Action column of Defect Integration's Mapping list, click Configure icon to configure individual mapped Defects
  6. The Edit Auto-Filling form displays. By default, qTest will load all available fields of the mapped JIRA issue type onto Defect Field column.
    • Click Reset Fields button to reload latest Field Settings of mapped issue type from Jira.
    • Click Repopulate icon in Action colum of each Defect field to reload latest values of individual fields from Jira.
    • Click Delete icon to remove display of specific fields from qTest defect submission form. Those deleted fields are still on JIRA issue form.
    • Click Move Up and Down arrows to re-arrange display of defect fields in qTest defect submission form. Their positions remain unchanged in JIRA issue form.
    • Click Add Field button to manually add fields that can't be automatically populated from JIRA to qTest.


  7. Set Auto-Filling for mapped Jira issue's fields. qTest will auto-fill data from Test Run or Test Case into mapped Jira issue's field as settings
    • Select a defect field to open the Edit Field Screen.


    • Edit the field as your own style, such as required or field type.
    • Check Auto Fill option in Input Option or you can set Default Value for field.
    • Click Add button to add field for mapping
    • Click Drop-down button to select qTest field to map to JIRA field.
    • Click OK button to finish your mapping configuration.



  • The values of mapped input and output fields must be symmetric between JIRA and qTest.
  • Only Defect's fields in Text format can be auto-filled.
  • You can select to fill multiple qTest fields into one JIRA field.