1.2 Editing User Profile in Project

Specifying Permissions

The right side of the User Management form shows detailed information about each project user, including:

  • User profile assigned to that user
  • Permissions correspond with that assigned user profile. These permissions are previously defined by Site Admin role at Site Administration/User Profiles page and displayed here (User Management form) by default. (Refer to Site Administration-Managing User Profiles)

 Using these permissions to control access rights and authorities of a project user on qTest modules and objects (Project Settings, Releases/Builds, Modules, Requirements, Test case, Test execution, Defect and Reports)




User Management form


To change user profile and/or permissions of a project user:

  1. Select that user from the list displayed on the left side of the form
  2. Then re-select user profile and/or check/uncheck any permission as desired.
  3. Click on Save button to save any change you made.