1.1 Assigning User to Project

The Project Settings-User management page allows users to: 

  • Add site users to specific project.
  • Assign User Profiles to them as well as grant them specific permissions working in the selected project at the project level.
  • Remove users from the selected project as desired.

To access the Project Settings-User Management page:

  1. From the project list at the top left corner, select the project you want to work on. Make sure that you have Admin permission on that project.


Project list.jpg


Project drop-down menu


  1. Click on Project Settings drop-down menu and select User Management



Access to Project Settings-User Management page


 The User Management form is opened with a list of project’s users displayed on the left side.


User Management form


 By default, all Project Admins assigned to this project at the site level (Refer to Site Administration-Managing Projects) will be automatically displayed here.

 The right panel details user profile assigned to each project user along with their corresponding permissions on each of qTest’s modules and objects.

Add project users and assign User Profiles

  1. Click Add button at the top of the project user list




To add a project user


  1. A list of Site Users, including new users and active users, who are not yet added to the project is displayed for your selection. Site users are users that the Site Admin role created previously at site level (Refer to Site Administration-Managing Site Users)
  • Select users to be added to the project by ticking on the corresponding check-boxes.
  • For each user selected, click on User Profile column to select a User Profile assigned to that user. If that user was pre-assigned a user profile by Site Admin at site level, that user profile will be displayed here as default value and you can change it if needed. (Refer to Assign User Profile section of Site Administration-Managing Site Users).




Add project user form


  1. Click on OK button