4.1 Inviting a new User

Only users that were assigned an Admin profile with Manage Client Users permissions can access the Site Administration-Site Users page.

The Site Administration-Site Users page allows you to add users to your qTest profile by simply sending invitations to their email addresses. Site Admin can also assign a user profile or admin profile to each member. The Admin will be able to see users’ activation statuses from the list of Site users.

To access the Site Administration-Site Users page:

  1. From the Site Administration page, click on Site Users tab




Access to Site Administration-Site Users page


    1. The system opens up a list of all existing site users with their detailed information (name, status). Here you can invite new site users, assign user profiles to them, archive site users, or reactivate archived users.


 Site users page


Invite Site Users

To invite users to your site:

  1. Click on Invite button to open the Invite User form.


Invite site user


  1. Enter the email address into the form and click on OK.


Invite user form


  1. The newly added user is displayed on the list with the status as New. The system then automatically sends out an invitation to the user email address submitted. If needed, you can resend the invitation mail to that user by clicking the Resend Invitation Email button in the Action column below:


Resend invitation email to new site user


  1. The user can then finish the activation procedure and officially register their account in qTest. This process is described in Account Activation Flow section below.