4.5 Account Activation Flow

Account Activation Flow

A newly added user must finish all the steps below to properly activate their account and access their assigned projects on qTest.


Account activation flow of site users

Step 1: Accept Invitation

Users will receive the invitation email sent by the Site Admin.  Users click on the activation link embedded in the invitation email to open the Sign Up page on their browser.



An invitation email sent to new site user’s email address

Step 2: Sign up QASymphony Account

Once at the Sign Up page, users will complete all fields and click the Sign Up button to complete registering their account.



Sign up form

Step 3: Explore Projects

After signing up, users will immediately be directed to the qConnect - Sample Project, with all permissions granted, so they can freely examine the capabilities of qTest.




qConnect – Sample Project


If a Project Admin adds the user to another project (refer to Project Settings-Permissions), they can choose to open their assigned project from the project drop-down list located next to the site logo.




Select assigned project from the list