4.2 Assigning Profile to User

Assign User Profile

Site Admin can assign a user profile to a site user regardless of user’s activation status, which means site users can be assigned to take a role before activating their account.

There are two types of profile that can be assigned to a site user:

  • Admin profile:

The users who have an admin profile will have administration privileges at the site level (i.e.: they can invite uses to site, create projects, assign project admins, depending on their specific admin profile settings)

  • User profile:

Each user profile (such as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer, Quality Assurance,…) includes detailed permissions at the project level.

Depending on the assigned user profile settings, a user can have:

    • detailed permissions on managing project settings, such as adding project users, managing field settings.
    • detailed permissions on each of the qTest modules and objects (Requirements, Test case, Test execution, Defect and Reports).

(Refer to Site Administration-Managing User Profiles for details on managing user profiles)

To assign a profile to a site user:

  1. Select that user from the user list
  2. Click on Admin profile column of the selected user to select an admin profile for this member;



 Assign admin profile


 Or click on the User profile column to select a user profile for this member.



Assign user profile


  1. Click the Save button to accept the changes. Make sure that there is at least one user in your site with an “Administrators” profile. If this is not the case, the system will not allow you to save.


HINT: The assigned profile at Site level will make that profile, for example Developer, the default profile for that user. Whenever he’s added to a project, that will be his profile, but the Project Admin can change it. So a user can be a Developer at Site level but can also be a Developer in one project and a Project manager in another project.

Bulk assigning users to projects

From Licenses – Users tab of Site Administration panel, the site admin can assign multiple users to multiple projects.