2.4 Cloning a Project

Cloning a project lets you quickly create a complete or partially complete duplicate of an existing project. You can select settings and data from a source project to clone. To clone project, you need the Admin permission.

  1. Go to Administration >> select Projects tab
  2. Click Clone from existing project button on top of Project List
  3. The Clone Project Screen appears
  4. In the New Project Details section, define Project Name, Start & End Date, Assign Project Admin and Description


  5. In the Data Cloning Settings section: 
    • Select a source project: the project you want to clone from
    • Select Settings to clone, including User Management, Fields, Notification, and/or ID Prefix
    • Select Data to clone
      * Test Plan Structure: to clone all data from Test Plan menu, including Releases and Build. The defined Releases' and Builds' scope will be retained in the clone project.
      * Requirements Structure: to clone all data of Requirements menu, including Modules and Requirements structure. If the Test Design structure is also selected to be cloned, Test Cases and their associated Requirements will be retained as well.
      * Test Design Structure: to clone all data of Test Design menu, including Modules and Test Cases structure. If the Requirements structure is also selected to clone, Requirements and their associated Test Cases will be retained as well.
    • Click the Clone button to start Cloning Project



  • The "Field settings" option will automatically be checked if you select either the "Notification settings" option or any Object Types and structures 's option.
  • If the User Management option is selected in Cloning Project, the project admin list of source projects will be retained in the clone project and the clone project creator. You can also remove yourself from the project admin list.
  • A notification email of failed or successful cloning status will be sent to the Clone Project creator.