Installing qTest Integration browser plugins

To better improve submitting issues to integrated defect trackers, it's strongly recommended to install the extra qTest Integration browser plugin on your corresponding web browser.

In case you select not to install this plugin (may be due to the company's security policies), you can still submit defects to your tracker instance with the old method

More specifically, this plugin enhances the defect submission process from qTest to your defect trackers as follows

- Invoking the defect tracker's native defect submission interface from within the TestPad execution session.

- Filling in pertinent test execution information like environment, steps to reproduce, name, etc. from the qTest test run into the defect being submitted

- Creating links in the newly created defect in your tracker back to the qTest test run - which can be traced back further to Test cases & Requirements in qTest.

- Plugin requires no settings – works immediately upon installation.

- You can find the plugins in qTest's Resources page

                                                          qTest Integration plugins found on Resources page

For Google Chrome browser:

- Installation guide:


For Mozilla Firefox browser:

- Installation guide:


For Internet Explorer browser

- Installation guide:


For Apple safari browser

- Double click on the downloaded file to let the installer automatically run.