Please add these features to qsnap

Thankyou for qsnap... however it is lacking many annotation tools.


#1 Option to select area when snapping a screenshot.


#2 Every time I Edit, I must reset the px thickness and color. Can that not be stored in memory with Options please?


#3 There is no opacity yellow Highlight. Like this:


#4 Would like to be able to resize image, by percentage. 120% 110% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40%


#5 Instead of blur, another choice to Block out with color of choice like this:


#6 With fireshot addon you can upload image to imageshack or custom hosting.

Could you please add the choice to upload to imgur without an account please. And also the ability to custom upload to another hosting site.


#7 Ability to DELETE an object that I had placed BEFORE placing other objects (rectangle, arrows, etc.) , without having to UNDO all the objects I placed after the one I want to delete.


#8 Add border around the image. Option of radius: 0px or rounded radius.


#9 A double Arrow ↕ ↔


Please respond to let me know if you will implement any of these features in the next version.

Please and thankyou.