What is the difference between qSnap and qTrace 2.x

qSnap is a browser plug-in which captures screenshot of single or multiple webpages, edit and share them; while qTrace is a defect recording tool running on Windows which records both screenshots and user's actions, edit, generate defect report, and submit the defect ticket to different defect tracking systems.

Anyone who just wants to capture webpage and share it can use qSnap, while qTrace is for software testers who want to record and report defect on Windows applications.

The table below describes the major difference between qSnap and qTrace 2.x

 qSnap Browser Plug-in

 qTrace 2.x


 Free version and commercial version.

 A browser plug-in, run on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

 A Windows application.

 Capture screenshots of Web application.

  Capture both screenshots and user’s action of   Windows application or Web application.

 Edit screenshots captured.

  Edit screenshots and trace steps captured.

  Upload screenshots to qSnap hosting services and share its links


 Save screenshots to local machine as JPG image files

  The same


 Export screenshots with other information as defect report into Word, PDF, and email this report.


 Submit new defect ticket to multiple defect tracking systems.