qSnap Hosting Service Features

With a free account on qSnap hosting service, you can store the screenshots uploaded from qSnap browser plug-in, share links to these screenshots via email, to Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

The uploaded screen captures in qSnap will be automatically removed after 30 days.


1. Register a qSnap Account

To register a new qSnap account:

  • Go to https://qsnapnet.com, click on Login to go to the Login page.
  • To create a new account directly, click on No account? Sign up now for free. You can also log in from your existing Google, Twitter, or Facebook account by clicking on relevant button.



2. Update Your Profile

After logging to qSnap, to change your profile, click on your photo/name link on the menu bar, and select Profile:




3. Screen List Page

After logging to qSnap, click Snaps on the menu bar to go the Screen List page


The Screen List page lists all the screens currently in qSnap hosting under your account. These screens have been uploaded from qSnap browser plug-in. You can view, search and sort the screen image (small size). To view a screen as its full size, edit and/or share it, simply click on that screen:



4. Edit and Share Screen

After clicking on a screen in the Screen List page, the Edit page will display to let you view that screen as its full size. You can:

  • Edit the screen’s title, add comment;
  • Share its link via email, to Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ ;
  • Navigate to other screen;
  • Delete the screen.

TIP: You can save the screen to your machine using the “Save Image As” feature of the browser.



To go back to the Screen List page, click Snaps on the menu bar.