Executing Session with eXplorer Integrated Edition

Precondition: You need to install eXplorer Integrated Edition in order to execute Sessions. You can download this Edition here

To execute Session with qTest eXplorer:

  1. Click the Run icon of any Planned Session in Session List Grid.

  2. Start Session Dialog of qTest eXplorer will be displayed.

  3. Click the Start button on the Dialog to begin recording testing activities.

  4. Click Stop icon within eXplorer Hotspot to stop Recording Session.

  5. Submit Defect and Test Case for Session if any.

    Please refer to Submit Defects & Test Case Generation from the Execution with Integrated eXplorer for details

  6. Click Close eXplorer application to finish Editing Session.

    You can not execute Session in "Running", "Completed" or "Reviewed" status