Mobile eXplorer

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Integrate Mobile eXplorer Agent to your app
Test your app with the embedded Mobile eXplorer Agent
Manipulate test sessions using the embedded Editor or qTest Web Editor
qTest Mobile eXplorer
qTest Mobile eXplorer extends the features and functionalities of qTest eXplorer in the mobile platform, specifically to support manual exploratory testing of applications on smart phones and tablets. Mobile eXplorer runs while the user tests a mobile app. It captures screens shots, user’s actions and takes notes. The output of the recording can be annotated and automatically uploaded and stored to qTest Test Sessions. The user can use the recording to view, edit or submitting defects using the eXplorer Web Editor
Automatically records every step, user action and screen of software testing execution
Allows users to take notes and annotate screens while testing
Automatically uploads a complete recording of the test sessions to qTest Session Manager to share with other team members or archive for future audits or analytics
Uses eXplorer Web Editor to view, edit recording sessions and then submits defects to the designated defect tracking system.