Getting your ideas heard & influencing qTrace release schedule

We’re glad to see the increasing number of features suggested by qTrace users like you. We were thinking, it’s about time we should have an announcement to let you know how we prioritize and build the features you desire :)

How to influence QASymphony's release cycle and get updated on progress

For every major release we encourage and display customer comments and votes openly in our Feature Requests forum and review our most popular voted issues on a regular basis.

And by sharing your ideas, suggestions in the form of feature requests in our Feature Requests forum, you have already influenced our release cycle. 

Find out if your feature request already exists. If it does, please vote for it. If you do not find it, create a new feature request online. Subscribe to it to keep updated on progress of planning, implementing and releasing the requested features.

How QASymphony chooses what to implement

However besides community highly requested features, we schedule releases based on a variety of other factors … so if you are wondering what our thought process is … it goes a little somethin’ like this:

  • Direct feedback from face to face meetings with customers, and through our support and sales channels.
    • We value your feedback, whether it be from a large company who likes our product but needs some tweaks and customizations for their environment – or from user feedback we hear at the customer service desk, sales meetings or right here on our website.
    • Why do we value your feedback so much? As a company it sounds nice to say that, but we really do crave the product feedback that you have so much because QAS knows that our product users are why we build the products we are working on – so if you need them to change, we listen!
  • Impact of the proposed changes on the application and its underlying architecture.
    • Sometimes a change proposed by the community may have some technical problems with being implemented in the first place. It doesn’t mean we’ll totally abandon trying to get it coded, but we might not be able to get to it in the current release until our brainy dev team sorts it out.
  • Our long-term vision for the product.
    • The last big question we ask ourselves is … does this feature fit with the core intent for our product? In other words, are we changing the very nature of the product or muddying the waters by adding just too many bells and whistles? If we think a particular feature is not fitting for our product we’ll let you know and get a discussion going about it with you. Hey, we’re an open minded company after all - maybe you will change our view about the request.
Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with like-minded folks. We know you have ideas. Let's hear.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy tracing!
QASymphony Team